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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you allow outside catering? 

Yes, you can use the caterer of your choice. Please note we do not allow crockpots and plug in roasters. We also do not have a kitchen on our property.

Are there any requirements for beer and liquor?

Liquor and beer can be served either by a licensed/Tip certified bartender or by pulling a special event permit through the State of Michigan. 

Can we bring in our own alcohol?

Yes, you buy your own, you just need a licensed bartender or tip certified bartender to serve it. We provide 3 metal throughs for the store of the drinks. 

Is there a restriction on what booze can be brought and length of time to be served?

No, we do not have restrictions. 

Last call is at 10:30pm

What is the total cost to rent Evergreen Ranch?


What is included in the rental? 

Men and Women Restrooms with A/C, 50 white wood padded seat folding chairs, 250 mahogany color padded folding chairs, 250 white padded folding chairs , 9 live edge stationary wood tables, 83 stationary wood barstools, 4 bar height tables with 16 metal barstools, 20- 8 ft long plastic banquet tables, 21- 40in round tables, ceremony arch, ceremony doors, whiskey barrels, Wire spool table, 2 10 ft head tables, 1 5ft sweetheart table, 3 metal troughs for beverage storage, lawn games, parking for 125 cars, access to venue property for pictures

What is the length of the rental? 

Friday 4pm-8pm (A lot of couples like to have their rehearsal dinner too and that is welcomed.)

Saturday 6am- 10:59pm (music off at 10:30pm, out by 11pm) Sunday 6am-11am (clean up, couples have set up breakfast at this time and that is fine too, just as long as you clean up after yourselves.)


What is required for clean up on Sunday? ​

Leave the venue/restrooms/suites/property in the condition you received it in. Clean up where there are messes on the table and floors, take trash to dumpster. We provide all your cleaning supplies, trashcans and trash bags. 

What is required to book a date? 

20%  down to book. We accept cash, check, PayPal and Venmo

When is the remaining balance due? 

We require payments 12 months from your wedding date, 9 months from your wedding date, 6 months from your wedding date and 3 months from your wedding date

Can we pay the balance in full? 

Yes, of course! Additionally, if you would rather pay monthly just let us know and we can accommodate that. 

Do you provide a shuttle service for your guests? 

We do not, but we have a local company that we highly recommend. His rates are less than $400 for the event. 

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Do you allow tours? 

Absolutely! If you would like to schedule a tour please let us know. We like all tours to be private for the couple during the hours of 8am-2pm Friday, Saturday's 9am-12pm and Sunday's 11am-1pm. If you prefer Monday-Thursday tours ask and we can make it work. 

Will you hold my date without deposit? 

Yes. Once a tour is booked we put a soft hold on the date.

You then get first right to book the venue if someone else is interested in that date. We allow you 72 hours after you take your tour to make a decision. We highly encourage you to leave and talk it over after the tour. Most often we receive a text on the couples drive home that they want to book. 

What if I cannot make the initial payment immediately? 

Ask! We understand and within reason can make most payment options work. 

What is your cancelation policy? ​

Booking fees for our facilities, and all payments made including deposits, are non-refundable. However if we are able to rebook the date we will provide a refund.


Do we need to get insurance?  ​

Yes, you need to pull liability insurance. Our venue is fully insured, but this will cover the couple.

Are you a legal business? 

Yes. We are a legal business, zoned to have events and our building meets all requirements to host events. Our capacity is set in accordance with requirements by the State. 

Do you have accessible facilities?

Yes, our facilities are wheelchair accessible. We also have handicap parking, railings in the restrooms and emergency lighting within the venue.


Can vehicles be left overnight?​

Yes, they need to be picked up by 11am on Sunday. 

Michigan Wedding Venue

Do you allow pets? 

Yes, you are required to clean up after them. If a horse is brought please let us know in advance to make arrangements in our horse barn. 

Does the venue have heat and/or A/C? 

No, we do have quiet industrial fans and heaters that can be used. The venue has a nice cross breeze for warm days. Additionally, the windows on the back all open, front doors open across venue and 3 windows on each side of the venue. 

Can we have a bonfire? 

Yes, we provide the firewood. This takes place under our gazebo. 

Are sparklers permitted? 

Yes. If you are going to have sendoff sparklers make sure to provide a bucket for them or let us know and we can provide a bucket. DO NOT put them in the trashcans. 

Are there any restrictions on decorating? 

No nails, staples or anything that will leave a mark. Typically cable ties, string, command strips and twine are used.

Can we use real candles? 

Yes, just make sure they will not get wax on our tables. 

Can fake flowers be thrown? 

No, we are still finding fake flowers from 5 years ago! They must be biodegradable and a lot online says biodegradable and it is not. Real flower petals and birdseed are perfect. 

Where are the closest hotels?

They are located in Sturgis, Michigan and Howe, Indiana. Best Western, Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn and Super8.

Do you require specific vendors? 

No, but we do provide you with a list of local vendors to help in your planning. Our list includes vendors for catering, photography and videography, coordinators, DJ's, hair and makeup, desserts, bartenders, favors, officiants, bird releasing, live wedding painters, decoration rental and much more!  You are not required to use them, but some will provide a discount if you mention our venue. 

Do you have a place for the Wedding party to get ready? 

Yes, we have a Bridal Suite and a Groom Room. 

Is Smoking permitted? 

We are a smoke free and drug free venue at the venue.  This includes marijuana and vaping. We do allow tobacco use at your vehicles.

Are there specific areas for photos to be taken? 

You can use any of the venue area for photos, including the driveway in. Evergreen Ranch reserves the right to us any photo that is taken on our property. 

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